Milo Pole Case

Milo Pole Case

The New and Improved Milo Pole Case for 2022

This takes luggage development to a whole new level and is a product that is going to be a real game changer.

Based on the popularity of the range of Milo Top Kit Cases, we now take a leap forward with this model giving safe and secure housing and storage for top kits and your pole!

Hard shell material means no bulky tubes are needed for ease of access, and even though its a slim design it will hold you pole plus top kits, spare sections, landing net handles the works!

Benefiting from a new material, lighter and more hard wearing. We keep the
same size dimension as its popular predecessor being 2m x 18cm x 13cm

Listening to feedback we have also changed the zip in line with a desire to make this item as watertight as possible.

We now have the same water resistant zip as the smaller carbon top kit cases.

One solution for pole and top kit storage, one holdall to carry to your peg.

Features include:

Easy Access 
Hard Shell 
Scratch resistant
2m in length to fit poles and short top kits
Tough fasteners to keep contents secure
Ergonomic carry handle
Shoulder strap
Pocket divider
2 way access waterproof zip