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Coarse and match fishing bait

Whether you're on the hunt for some rough fish or you're bidding to take on some competitors in a match, you need the right bait to do it. That's where we come in at Smiths Bait & Tackle in Congleton. We supply across the UK. Get in touch to enquire.


Quality bait

We've got a fantastic range of both coarse and match fishing bait at Smiths Bait & Tackle, all of it sourced from established brands. Only the best will do when it comes to our clients, which is why we guarantee regular deliveries, including of fresh bait like maggots, pinkies and worms. We're always in a position to reorder what we don't have and if you need some pointers with regards to the right bait for your fishing day, we're happy to provide it. With over 10 years in the fishing industry, we know what's right for the modern-day angler.

What coarse / match fishing brands do we supply?

• Guru

• Preston Innovations

• Korum

• Matrix

• Drennan

• Map

• Daiwa

• NuFish

• Dinsmores

• Kamasan

• Sonubaits

• Dynamite

• Bait-Tech

• Sensas

• Mainline Match

Fishing Boat

Really great place for local tackle supplies with great quality maggots too, which is rare. Always good for ... chat and info.

Rob Swindells (Facebook review)

Get set up for your next coarse or match fishing trip. Order what you need from our shop today! 


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