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Local fishing clubs

You've got the gear, you've got the road and now you've got the time too. But where to fish? If you want regular access to fishing waters, then membership of a local fishing club is an absolute must. And we've got details for two of the best. For questions, get in touch with us at Smiths Bait & Tackle in Congleton. We supply fishing tackle to anglers all over the UK.


Congleton A.S.

The Congleton Anglers Angling Society has access to three fishing waters, namely Goodwins Pool, Knypersley Reservoir and Trent & Mersey Canal. There're lots of fish on offer, including roach, bream, carp, perch and even catfish and pike. The rates are reasonable, and you can obtain a membership card directly from Smiths Bait & Tackle. Call to enquire or apply by post to: The Membership Secretary, Congleton Anglers Society, c/o Smiths Bait & Tackle, 44 Lawton Street, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 1RU. You MUST be in possession of a valid Environment Agency Rod Licence. This will allow you to use two rods. If you're looking to use more, you'll need a second licence.

Victoria & Biddulph A.S.

The Victoria & Biddulph Angling Society is based out of Biddulph and has access to 8 course fishing waters.


If you have any questions regarding local fishing clubs, we'll be happy to answer them. Call 01260 273770!


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